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Outline a book your readers can't put down in 7 days or less!

Struggling with your novel's plot?

You've come to the right spot.

Your Page-Turning Plot is going to help you take your story idea and turn it into a novel others can't wait to read and you can't wait to write!

Your Page-Turning Plot™ is the step-by-step program you need to transform your story idea into a novel people can't put down.

In this online masterclass, I'll teach you the fail-proof plotting method that will bring your story to life. With this course, you're less than 7 days away from becoming a plot master!

Want a sneak peak of the course material?

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"I took this course to understand more about plotting and I enjoyed every moment of it. I loved all the examples and clear explanations, and was surprised how quickly the ideas poured out of me! After 10 days I had a full outline and with it I was able to finish my "first" first draft ever in 30 days!

I can't thank you enough for all of the support you have given me! I've struggled to finish stories all my life so I don't think I could've done it without Your Page-Turning Plot™ and all your great advice!" - Anirudh Allakrisnan, YA Fiction Writer


"It taught me so much about how to come up with new ideas, organize them, and basically form a completed outline from scratch. I loved it and not just because the content is so valuable. Tomi is a very dedicated and enthusiastic teacher. She's amazing!

I still can't believe she introduced me to an actual astrophysicist to go through my science fiction ideas! I'm so happy to know her and I'll definitely continue using Tomi's outline formula in the future."

- Angelina Werner, Science Fiction Writer


"This class has given me the direction and order I need to do something I've always wanted to do! I've made great strides and have even strated brainstorming my story with my husband!

For a girl who's always kept her writing passion a secret because of a fear of rejection, that is amazing! Thank you!" 

- Angie Steele, Thriller Writer

Your missing piece

You know that awesome moment when you have a new idea for a story? Your mind runs marathons creating characters, settings, and worlds and you know you're going to make something special.

But when you sit down to write, all that energy and excitements gets you through 30 pages. Then you're left staring at your keyboard wondering what happens next.

You call it writer's block. You tell yourself that you just need to take a break. But then a few months (or years) later you run out of excuses, so you move onto the next story. "This time will be different," you tell yourself, but every unfinished story turns out the same.

No matter what you do or what you try, you never get to type "THE END."

I've been there. In fact, I spent 20 years there. I had the ideas, I had the worlds, I had the characters, but I didn't have a story.

I thought I had all the important puzzle pieces put together, but I was missing the most important one: plot.

Once I figured that out, I threw myself into mastering the last piece of the book puzzle!

Unlock your story

Plot is what takes you from "Once Upon A Time" to "The End." It's the story that unfolds when you mix the cocktail of characters, settings, and worlds you have in your head!

I used to think mastering plot was impossible, that if I didn't have it naturally I wasn't meant to be a writer. But when I started studying it, I realized plot isn't some nebulous, abstract gift you're either born with or without - it's a pattern in every book we love, every movie we watch, every tv show we binge.

It's a pattern we can learn, a pattern we can repeat, and a pattern that can unlock the organic and original stories in our head just waiting to be told!

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Mastering plot is the gift that keeps on giving.

Learning how to do it once allowed me to write a new book in 2 months, beat 1,800 other books to get into a top writing competition, and land my dream agents!

With plot, I was able to completely transform my writing and my literary career. Now I know how to create awesome stories I can't wait to share with the world!

If you've been struggling with plot here is where your struggle ends.

I've spent years in the plot trenches, studying everything from Harvard classes to writing conferences to classic movies. After all this time I've gotten plotting an original and organic novel down to a science, and now now that I've unlocked the plotting secrets I can't wait to share those secrets with you!

MODULE #1: Find & Refine Your Story

  • Engage in guided exercises to help you brainstorm new story ideas or expand your current story idea

  • Utilize the 5 Story Analysis to discover the story you're dying to write

  • Test your story idea for marketability and excitability to ensure your story idea is one worth pursuing

MODULE #2: Discover Your Plot

  • Learn a story structure that will help you organically build a climactic plot that keeps your story moving forward
  • Outline a preliminary plot for your story that you will refine in the next 3 lessons

MODULE #3: Create ACT I

  • Discover the common patterns of every successful first act
  • Learn how to implement these patterns organically in your own story
  • Refine and add to your Act I outline to continue building your master novel outline

MODULE #4: Create ACT II

  • Break down the common elements of ACT II
  • Learn how to plot these elements in the middle of your novel in a way that keeps you from ever getting stuck
  • Refine and add to your Act II outline to continue building your master novel outline


  • Deconstruct the elements of every successful ACT III
  • Outline these elements in your ACT III to create a climactic ending for your novel that leaves your readers wanting more
  • Refine and complete your Act III Outline!


"Writing has always been a little overwhelming for me. I've tried (and failed) many times with my own writing process because I simply couldn't figure out a plan. Tomi's masterclass not only gave me the easy-to-follow plan I needed. It also pushed me to take my story further than I ever imagined it could go.

I've tried a lot of writing resources over the years, but none compare to this. With structured workbooks, checklists, Tomi's own tried writing tips, and her hands-on, guided approach, Your Page-Turning Plot™ embraces the dynamic, personal, and difficult process of writing and gives you the trustworthy education you need to make your dream a reality."

- Morgan Sherlock, Satire Fiction Writer


"I loved the training! I decided to try it out with an idea I'd been playing around with for 5-6 years, but I could never see an ending. After only a few days I had a clever, fun story full of cliffhangers and plot twists! I can't stress the direction & excitement this course put back into my writing!

My utmost appreciation goes to Tomi and this course for making something as difficult as plotting seem so fun and easy. I am so excited to see what's next in my writing because for the first time in a long time it no longer seems daunting to start a new story. I cannot recommend this bootcamp highly enough!"

- Sorcha Brown, Fiction Writer


"Her Harvard degree proves she has writing chops, but it's her down-to-earth teaching style that has helped me transform my story idea into a novel truly worth pursuing. If you're looking for fun and fresh insight that is absolutely invaluable, I cannot recommend working with her enough!"

- Kristen Kieffer, creative writing coach and founder of She'

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Your Page-Turning Plot™is FULL of step-by-step guides, tools, and resources to help you outline a stellar novel and give you all the support you need!

+ 5 course modules with step-by-step guidance to help you outline your plot

+ 5 downloadable workbooks full of planners, worksheets, and templates to help you implement every lesson for your novel's ideas

+ Lifetime access and free updates on the course so you can use these techniques with every story you write


+ 2 plot case studies on best-selling novels

+ Access to me and a community of other writers in the masterclass

NOW ONLY $167!

Email if you would like to find out about payment plans!

+ 5 course modules with step-by-step guidance to help you outline your plot

+ 5 downloadable workbooks full of planners, worksheets, and templates to help you implement every lesson for your novel's ideas

+ Lifetime access and free updates on the course so you can use these techniques with every story you write


+ 2 plot case studies on best-selling novels

+ Access to me and a community of other writers in the masterclass

+ The Character Cookbook: a 24-page workbook to help you create an authentic, unique cast of characters who will drive your plot forward

The World-building Blueprint: a workbook that helps you create a structured and visual outline of the world of your story so that you can enrich your setting from the very first draft

ONLY $197!

Email if you would like to find out about payment plans!

Frequently Asked Questions

+ When does the course start and finish??

The masterclass starts whenever you purchase. Because the course is self-paced, you can go as fast or as slow as you want and login to learn whenever it's convenient for you. If you complete one lesson a week, you will finish the course in 7 days.

+ Who is this course for??

This course is for you if:

  • You're struggling with your story's plot and don't know how to make it better
  • You're stuck in the middle of your story and don't know what to write next
  • You have a bunch of unfinished stories because at some point you always get stuck
  • You have great ideas for a story and don't know how to string them together
  • You want to find a tried and tested way to make your plot amazing
  • You want to stop messing with your writing dreams and take action to make them a reality
  • You want to build a solid writing foundation you can use again and again
  • You want to learn how to outline a plot that keeps readers turning to the next page
  • You want a guided and interactive resource to outline your novel

+ How long do I have access to the course?

Forever! When you enroll in Your Page-Turning Plot, you get lifetime access. You can use these techniques, strategies, and workbooks again and again for every story you ever write!

+ What about writing books? What about master classes? What about writers conferences? What about free online articles? What about [insert anything here]?

There are a gajillion resources out there to help you as a writer, and this course is not here to discount any of them.

Anything that helps you write is what you should be using.

When I finally completed my first draft I had the guidance of an excellent writing book. It was a great resource for me, but it didn't give me the interactive support, step-by-step actionable items, and writing community that I wanted.

Your Page-Turning Plot is a writing resource you can use again and again that gives you:

  • Clear guidance and step-by-step actions for every essential aspect of novel outlining
  • Access to your instructor for personalized responses
  • The convenience of learning and connecting with a community from the comfort of your own home

+ What if I'm a pantser and not a plotter?

For those of you unfamiliar with the terms, "pantser" is a type of writer who "writes by the seat of their pants" - they get an idea and hit the keyboard with no plan in place.

"Plotters" are the exact opposite - they take time to sit with their ideas and plan out various elements of their story before writing page 1.

As a former pantser, I say do whatever works for you. The best ideas come from moments of pure inspiration, but they also come from meticulous planning and uninterrupted focus (have you ever heard of a little story called Harry Potter? Yeah, J.K. Rowling planned that out for 5 years)

So don't feel the need to do what you don't like. If being a pantser works for you, great. If being a plotter works for you, great.

But if you are a pantser, as I used to be, and have yet to finish a first draft, it might be worth trying the plotting method and see if you get better results.

This course is designed to combine the best of your inspirational ideas (in other words, your pantser qualities) with the best of your structural ideas (in other words, your plotter qualities).

You need both to create a great story, and that's what you'll find in Your Page-Turning Plot.

+ Do I need a story idea before I take this course?

Nope! The very first lesson teaches you how to find and refine a story idea.

+ What if I already have a story idea or am working on a different story?

Great! During the first lesson you'll get tools and techniques to make sure you're working on the best version of your story idea.

Plus everything you learn is something you'll apply to every story you ever write. If you're already in the middle of a story that just means you have more material to apply the lessons to!

+ What happens when I buy the course?

You will receive a confirmation email and an introductory email about the course.

After the registration period is complete, you will receive access to all 5 Your Page-Turning Plot modules.

Every few days for 5 days an e-mail lesson will be delivered straight to your inbox, but the course is self-study so you can work as fast or as slow as you want!

Each lesson covers a different essential aspect of story outlining. With this course you'll get the tools and guidance necessary to stop second-guessing yourself and finish your first draft!

+ Is there a money-back guarantee?

Because you have access to all of the course materials as soon as you enroll, there is no money-back guarantee. However, in the 3 years this course has running, none of the hundred students has ever requested a refund.

Disclaimer: This course only works if you do. It teaches you the skills, strategies, and techniques for novel outlining success and it gives you clear workbooks, worksheets, and checklists to outline your novel. But at the end of every day, it's up to you to follow through with the work, both in planning your novel and powering through the first draft.

These methods have worked for me and my clients, but I cannot make you complete the lessons and activities in this course. I can only guarantee that if you implement these techniques and faithfully complete the lessons, you will leave this course with a detailed and structured outline to write the first draft of your novel.

This is not a short cut or a scheme - It's an opportunity for you to get a structured approach to outlining your first novel. 

If you show up, commit, and actively participate in this courseyou'll get the tools you need to finally finish the first draft of your novel and take a crucial step in making your writing dreams a reality.